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Blue Reflectionvideo

Blue Reflection is The Best Japanese School Girls Game Released Today

Japanese School Girl Game Released Yesterday, Blue Reflection is a discovery of the relationships young women create and the growth that comes from sharing personal experiences with friends, all in the form of a...
Pokemon Go

Last Chance To Catch Pokemon Go’s Current Legendary Dog This Week

Pokemon Go players only have a few days to catch Raikou, Entei, or Suicune. Those three legendary dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver will be only available in their current region from this September...
League of Legendsvideo

League of Legends Shares Evelynn’s Reworked Gameplay in Champion Teaser

In a quick release following the champion teaser for League of Legends Evelynn previously on Saturday, a mystery trailer for the champion’s rework is already revealed previews some of the shadowy assassin’s abilities. The champion...
Bose SoundSport Free Earbuds

Bose SoundSport Free Earbuds Lets You Ditch Your Airpods

Bose is looking to smash into the sphere of the “truly wireless” today by introducing its new Bose SoundSport Free earbuds. It is focused at people who need a pair of wireless headphones for...
Mi Notebook Pro

Xiaomi’s MI Notebook Pro Latest Laptop Targets Apple’s MacBook Pro

Xiaomi has set to seize the laptop market last year with its Mi Notebook Air concept that was designed to target Apple’s MacBook in both brand and design. This year Xiaomi the Chinese company...
Play PS4 Games Onlinevideo

PSN Experiencing Connectivity Issues Right Now [Update: Fixed]

Some users of PSN (Play Station Network) were unable to play PS4 games online play due to connectivity issues, but the issues have been resolved. Sony says the PSN issues disturbing some users which have...
Virtual Realityvideo

Watch: Your Brain in Virtual Reality

Dive head first into the neuroscience and psychology of Virtual Reality (VR).
Touchless Sunscreen Spray Machinesvideo

World’s First Touchless Sunscreen Spray Machines

The SnappyScreen system covers the entire body—including hard-to-reach areas like underarms and the back of the neck—making the process hassle free. “One thing I hear all the time that is, ‘Sunscreen used to be...
Samsung Gear VRvideo

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+Now Support Daydream View VR

Google's headset currently costs half as much as a Gear VR. With the support of Oculus and lot of apps, Samsung’s Gear VR is already an amazing Virtual Reality headset for Galaxy S8 and S8+...
Bra Stickervideo

MIT Scientists Invented a Bra Sticker That Can Detect Forcible Touch in Real-time

What if a smart device could detect if somebody else took your clothes off? MIT researcher Manisha Mohan created Intrepid, a smart bra sticker that’s intended to detect, communicate, and, ideally, prevent sexual assault....