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In 2016 we made the shift from blog to full-blown content hub, enabling us to cover even more content than ever before. Our web design news, give you access to a wealth of information and designing resources. You can find inspiration from both well-known and yet to be launched design information on design; grab some free stock; discover new techniques; or even transform the way you think of the web.

Logical IDEA has been brought to you the best in class web design news, techniques, and resources to give a unique representation. Published daily, and delivered straight to your inbox every day, we’re passionate about uncovering the unique, aspiring, designs, freebies, and celebrating great design.

We at Logical IDEA help web designers, digital agencies and entrepreneurs to be inspired. We have a team of experts hand picks the best news on web designs from all over the world.

Female Programmers

Top 5 Famous Female Programmers and Game Developer in The World

Programming is enchanting career option in today’s world. It has mystery, elegance, and revenue that have given you hard to achieve the best. However, it is a field dominated by the...

YouTube Has a New Look and, for the First Time, a New Logo

From the last 12 years, YouTube’s logo has been a pair of anachronisms covered inside each other. “We have the tube word placed in a tube,” says Christopher Bettig, the head...
Professional Website Design

Tips to Design a Professional Website

In the age of technology era, having a professional website is an absolute necessity for all professionals and business enterprises. An eye-catching website can simultaneously operate as business marketing tool, a...

We Found the Hottest Female Coders on the Internet

How much you thinking about learn to code and dropped this idea because it's like sitting bored in front of your Computer. But nowadays its become much steamy to learn code...
Responsive Web Design

How To Have A Fantastic Bootstrap Development With Minimal Spending?

Bootstrap's grid process is extremely responsive, flexible, and is currently optimised for the creation of mobile-first design. It is responsive. Answer Bootstrap grid system stipulates the fastest and simplest approach to...
Colors Psychology

The Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color is a study of shades as determinant of Human Behaviour. A color influence perception is not an obvious, such as taste of foods or choice of clothing. Colors...
Web Designvideo

Things You Should Know About Responsive Web Design

The Hidden Gem of Responsive Web DesignIf you require static web design solutions, they need to not take a lot of time. A personalized web design is a substantial tool to...
HTML Greeting Cards

Humorous HTML Greeting Cards for Geek’s Heart.

In the age of technology, peoples are more likely to have wishes in virtual world rather than physical world. When it comes to geek’s case they always like presents in something...
Web Design Trends

6 Reasons Why Web Design Get Better with Alcohol

I was pretty excited when i came up with an idea of determining and showcasing some of the most popular beer and alcohol related website designs from a number of countries...
Mobile Apps Designing

How To Design An App?

Apps designing is not just a design it should be more elegant, intuitive, and user friendly to get user engagement. What professionals do have is a speed at which they make...