Humorous Greeting Cards for Geek’s Heart.

In the age of technology, peoples are more likely to have wishes in virtual world rather than physical world. When it comes to geek’s case they always like presents in something creative things like birthday cards in emails or social media.

So, if you are thinking about your geek’s friend or loved ones to present in such a way. I have designed some html cards to capture geek’s attention using my creative skills. You can use these cards to spread love for your loved ones and geek friend or family members.

These coding cards are designed in Photoshop and uses strong colors and bold font to spell out their geeky messages. Those are not considering as funny jokes but for making smile on a face of most nerds.

You can’t buy these coding cards but share with your loved ones.I am also love these type of gifts.

Here is the list of Coding Cards:

I have designed this cards for my friend, Hope you like it.
You can write your views in Comments.

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