Virtual Realityvideo

Watch: Your Brain in Virtual Reality

Dive head first into the neuroscience and psychology of Virtual Reality (VR).
Artificial Intelligencevideo

IBM Just Achieved a Deep Learning Breakthrough

Today’s artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are usually run on machine learning algorithms. These technologies operate on a neural network — a system designed to mimic the human brain inner functioning —that...

DE-JARGONIZER – A New Tool Makes Scientific Writing Easier for the Public to Grasp

THE “DE-JARGONIZER” Have you ever felt like you needed an encyclopedia while reading a science blog? Science is both fascinating and functional, but its high-level language and difficult to understand subject matter...
Game of Thrones Episodesvideo

HBO Offered $250,000 ‘Bug Bounty’ To Game Of Thrones Hackers

The Game of Thrones hackers are still at it. A supposed leaked email, sent to Forbes and other publications by the extortionists, appeared to come from HBO executive, offering a $250,000 "bug bounty"...
Touchless Sunscreen Spray Machinesvideo

World’s First Touchless Sunscreen Spray Machines

The SnappyScreen system covers the entire body—including hard-to-reach areas like underarms and the back of the neck—making the process hassle free. “One thing I hear all the time that is, ‘Sunscreen...
Samsung Gear VRvideo

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+Now Support Daydream View VR

Google's headset currently costs half as much as a Gear VR. With the support of Oculus and lot of apps, Samsung’s Gear VR is already an amazing Virtual Reality headset for Galaxy...
Bra Stickervideo

MIT Scientists Invented a Bra Sticker That Can Detect Forcible Touch in Real-time

What if a smart device could detect if somebody else took your clothes off? MIT researcher Manisha Mohan created Intrepid, a smart bra sticker that’s intended to detect, communicate, and, ideally,...
Keywords Research Tool

Top 8 Keyword Research Tools To Redefine Your Content in 2017

It is a crucial tool for the planning of marketing strategy and enhances SEO. Search Engines are in the commendation of addictive content but you won’t lavish enough traffic for website...
Xiaomi AI Smart Speakervideo

Xiaomi’s new AI Smart Speaker Costs $130 less than an Amazon Echo

China’s Xiaomi has tied the tech company loads by jumping into the increasingly crowded AI smart speaker space. The Mi AI Speaker is Xiaomi’s first take at rivalling the Echo, which has...
Work at Facebook

Want to Work at Facebook? How to Get Hired & Succeed

Work at Facebook is a dream of billions of people. But it’s not an easy to get hired easily and succeed at Facebook. With two billion users globally, Facebook is more...