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Humorous Greeting Cards for Geek’s Heart.

In the age of technology, peoples are more likely to have wishes in virtual world rather than physical world. When it comes to geek’s case they always like presents in something creative things like birthday cards in emails or social media.
So, if you are thinking about your geek’s friend or loved ones to present in such a way. I have designed some html cards to capture geek’s attention using my creative skills. You can use these cards to spread love for your loved ones and geek friend or family members.
These coding cards are designed in Photoshop and uses strong colors and bold font to spell out their geeky messages. Those are not considering as funny jokes but for making smile on a face of most nerds.
You can’t buy these coding cards but share with your loved ones.I am also love these type of gifts.
Here is the list of Coding Cards:

I have designed this cards for my friend, Hope you like it. You can write your views in Comments.

How to Make Money On Instagram?

Instagram is a source of money making online. It is a force of nature.
What was entirely a photo-sharing app initially has become one of the best social media platform in very short span of time.
Just look at these stats how it ranks among the world’s most famous social networking sites as of January 2017.

With 600 Millions daily active users on Instagram, its rank is much higher than any other social media platforms including Tumblr, SnapChat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
Pretty Impressive
Let’s see how well peoples respond to simple, visual driven content. And just look at this maximised interest in Instagram over the past six decades.
And I am pretty sure about that it will be down at any time. No matter how you crack it, people love Instagram for sharing photos and stories. It is one of the most popular photo sharing app as it’s owned by Facebook that is already a giant in social networking.
In numerous cases, I even choose Instagram over Google images, Pinterest, or WeHeartIt.

It’s j…

How to Check Balance in Reliance Jio?

Being a paid Jio user from April 1, numerous people reading this have probably gotten a prepaid recharge done by 31st march. If you're reading this after April 1, then you might want to know about your current balance of Jio plan. Of course, all incoming and outgoing calls are free on Reliance Jio, and so your current balance is going to be used to pay for your chosen internet data plan, and of course, excessive data consumption.
Whether you are a Jio Prime user or not, checking your balance is definitely important, and according to Jio's website, there are two ways to check your Jio balance - but both of these methods are require Internet access. We have tested both to ensure that they're working properly, and had no problems. Here are the steps mentioned you have to follow for check your balance.
In your phone Checking balance in your phone is a very simple process, that won't take a minute to do.Launch a MyJio app on your Jio connected deviceTap on Open select to MyJ…

6 Reasons Why Web Design Get Better with Alcohol

I was pretty excited when i came up with an idea of determining and showcasing some of the most popular beer and alcohol related website designs from a number of countries across the globe. After all who don’t like odd drink now and again? (Well, besides me – I also can’t stand with alcohol in any form.) Surely this would make for an interesting blog that would extract quite a few comments. That’s why I am here about to discussing the facts about alcohol how it can be better for website design.

Alcohol doesn’t make a lot of “Top 10” for being beneficial for health. But alcohol in all of its common forms - wine, beer, liquor actually bringing some unexpected benefits like strong heart, stroke, cardiovascular death, improved morality, sharper brains, and uninhibited creativity. I have included – due to problems related to websites usability, typography, and accessibility that are the apparent beauty present on many websites related to alcohol related industries. My analysis is to inspire …

Best Android Smartphones Under 10,000

Searching for the Best phone Under 10000 ? The hunt for the best smartphone under 10000 is not that easy. The Indian market has revamped after the entry of Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, Coolpad, Gionee, and Meizu. The domestic smartphone market competition is at the peak level. Now the companies have raised the bar featuring mouthwatering specifications with low price tag. We value your money and time, so in this article, we tried our level best to list the best smartphones under 10000 without dribble. There are different parameters we have considered making this list. First priority is given to end user experience, which is the most important parameter. The smartphones, which are listed below, are tried and tested. Therefore, rest assures that that phones which we have suggested are unbiased. Wasting no time let, we check out the best mobiles fewer than 10000.
Buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is apparently the best buzz beneath 10000. This is the lot of excep…

WhatsApp to End Support for Old Phones in 2017

WhatsApp is ending services for old devices, which means if you are still holding old devices like Nokia, iPhone 3GS/IOS 6, BlackBerry OS, and BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 7 Orange OS, Nokia Symbian S60, Nokia S40, and Smartphones that are running on Android 2.1 (Eclairs) and Android 2.2 (Froyo).  
The World’s most famous chat messenger, which currently exaggerate billions of active users, is on the verge of discontinue support for a numerous old smartphone models – leaving millions unable to send or receive messages, making VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone calls or video chats.  
End of this month, the Facebook owned company announced that the WhatsApp Messenger would no longer support older Android, IOS, BlackBerry, and Nokia Devices. Nevertheless, do not you worry about it what to do with the important conversation and messages saved in old phones? There are two options available for those peoples currently holding old phone either they can buy latest smartphones or trans…

Basics of Java Programming

What is Java Programming?
Java is one of the most popular programming to build client server application. Java is fully Object oriented programming language. This programming language having features for application developer that is “Write Once Run Anywhere” WORA. That means java compiled program can run on multiple platforms that support java without recompilation like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Java is two stage programming language. Its structure is designed as follows: 
JRE- Java Run-time Environment JVM- Java Virtual Machine
Java is a multi-platform dependent programming language, so it is widely used in hierarchy structural games and big software’s where multiple variable are required. To differentiate among huge list of variables Java is Case-Sensitive programming language. Java is also by default-protected language. Case sensitive means it is not allow to use special characters(@,#,$), blank spaces, only underscore( _ )can be used in class name. Packages is always used as its defi…